Water Lecturers’ Platform

The intellectual heart of Delta Platform

With in the Water Lecturers’ Platform, lecturers from the seven universities of applied sciences; HZ University of Applied Sciences, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, NHL Stenden, Saxion, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University Groningen and HAN University of Applied Sciences work together on water-related, practice-oriented research issues.

The reason is the increasingly urgent problem of water-related area issues. Climate change, increasing population pressure and the associated growing demand for food and other ecosystem services require numerous innovations of a technical and non-technical nature. Water-related innovations with a revenue model that contribute to a sustainable future. It is important that these innovations go further than just an “experimental phase”. This is only possible through intensive interaction between government, business, knowledge institutes, citizens and stakeholders (the “quadruple helix”) from the very beginning. HBO (Higher professional education) can make an important contribution there with its practice-oriented research and training of new generations of professionals.

The ambition to initiate and coordinate this process, the transition to a robust and sustainable delta, in all landscape types of the delta transcends the knowledge and skills of an individual university of applied sciences and was the direct reason for the establishment of the national Lecturers’ Platform.

In the period 2020-2022, the Lecturers’ Platform Water has the following objectives:

  • Broadening and deepening the coalition of collaborating lecturers.
  • Integration of practice-oriented research within the Water knowledge chain.
  • Further development of a joint research agenda.
Program Director

Louise van der Heijden

The missions within the Agriculture, Water and Food theme from the mission-driven innovation policy form the substantive frameworks for the Researchplatform Water. Issues are picked up and invested in living labs that the Water Lecturers’ Platform - as part of Delta Platform - has set up in characteristic landscape types of the delta. These living labs form the interface between bottom up needs and top down formulated missions. Living lab-transcending issues are part of a multi-year national research program.

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