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Delta Platform is buzzing!

The whole team takes care of that, together with knowledge liaisons Jouke and Peter. But who does what? For which questions can you go to whom? We are happy to introduce ourselves to you.

Willem den Ouden (62), general manager

,, I dare to call myself a real "Zeebra". Because officially I live in Goirle in Brabant, but I often and happily stay in Koudekerke in Zeeland. And not only because of my work ... As general manager, I am responsible - together with my colleague Louise van der Heijden - for the strategy, policy and implementation of Delta Platform. This mainly means that we optimally connect all parties we work with. And then with resilient strength, knowledge and expertise to deal with the major social challenges surrounding climate change and sea level rise. We can use the insights we gain in the various national regions with different landscape types globally. At the same time, we train new skilled professionals who can deal with these challenges after their studies. I am happy when a seemingly accidental meeting, directed by Delta Platform, creates a knowledge pool. Especially if it yields more than could have ever come from the sum of its parts. What appeals to me is that the topics we tackle are socially relevant. We are working on the future with this. I look forward to the coming years in which our team will take on these challenges with pleasure and enthusiasm. "

Louise van der Heijden (52), program director

,, As program director I am responsible for the substantive course of Delta Platform together with Willem den Ouden. An interesting job, because the topic matters at Delta Platform. Climate change and sea level rise. How do we find solutions together that can count on broad social support, that are economically feasible and of course also ecologically sound? The fact that we also involve students in our research makes it completely relevant to me. My day is successful when it starts with people with different interests and then ends with one shared interest, with all noses in the same direction. I love tinkering with that. Step by step we realize living labs in all landscape types of the delta. We facilitate collaboration from which lecturers and other researchers can retrieve research questions. I look forward to an intensive collaboration in which we have those living labs running 'optimally'. A situation in which universities of applied sciences and other knowledge institutes, government and market partners benefit from the knowledge that arises. And where we all benefit from the solutions to the major challenges we face. "

Sophie van de Voorde (21), executive secretary

,, The village of Koudekerke in Zeeland is the ideal place for me to live. I've lived there all my life and I like it there. It is quiet and yet fully equipped. If I want, I'll be in Middelburg in no time, in the busier city life. Or on the boulevard in Vlissingen, where I like to meet with my friends on a terrace. Especially after a nice day of work. As executive secretary, I unburden my Delta Platform colleagues by making schedules, preparing and organizing meetings. My day is successful if I have made every effort to ensure that the others' day runs smoothly and smoothly. I get to know a lot of new people through the many contacts, mainly via mail and telephone, I like that. Delta Platform has a dynamic field of work with many different organizations and people. No two days are the same. I look forward to future new challenges that I can tackle. "

Annelies Koomans van den Dries (46), proces manager

“I enjoy biking to work every morning. I live in Middelburg and not too far from the building at Het Groene Woud. I have been working at HZ as a project manager since 2015. I divide my working hours between various HZ professorships and HZ knowledge centers. Delta Platform has been added since June 2019. There I mainly focus on internal business operations. I do this together with the people on my team, but also with colleagues from other departments such as finance, legal affairs and human resources. Because I work for the research groups, the knowledge centers and Delta Platform, I am an internal connector, a kind of spider in the web. For me, moments of happiness are steps we are taking towards a more streamlined Delta Platform. Together we build a foundation, so that we can make even better use of opportunities and promote and develop structural partnerships. This has added value for HZ, but also beyond. I like the diversity and the themes of water, energy and food the most. I am very much looking forward to the Flemish-Dutch cooperation because these themes converge there. A challenge that ultimately leads to added value. "

Marcia de Nooijer (23), project assistant

“I really like the freedom and responsibility I get at Delta Platform. I am a process manager and am allowed to make budgets, set up procedures and give advice. Our entire team works on various projects. For me, the emphasis is on the Water Lecturers’ Platform and the Flanders-Netherlands Cooperation Platform, a unique collaboration in which the social challenges and social innovation form the basis for the issues. Such a project is like a puzzle: finance, legal affairs, staffing. When all those puzzle pieces come together, the work goes smoothly. My day is successful when I have sorted out all kinds of things and made the picture right. Then I feel energetic at night to start training with my horse. I find it interesting that Delta Platform makes the connection between education and the market. I hope for a stronger position of hbo education in research projects in order to prepare students well for the future in a time of rapid development. "

Ivonne Heinen (30), communication manager

,, I am originally German. I have been living in the Netherlands for a long time, in Vlissingen on the "wood coast", a neighborhood with wooden houses. That is near the sea. I couldn't live without it. The Netherlands has always attracted me with all that ingenuity, the openness, but also the vulnerability due to its location close to water. That is why I am in the right place at Delta Platform. Always on the move, working with themes related to water and of interest to everyone. And that can ultimately change something through collaboration. As a communication manager I coordinate communication. With that I try to increase our network and reach. Intensive days in which I get many things done give me energy! I am not satisfied until everything finally falls into place with "puzzling", asking questions and looking for connections. In this way I hope to contribute to a firmer and even broader network of great minds. From professionals who reinforce each other and jointly support the social, water-related issues of tomorrow. "