Our joint missions

The Multi-Year Mission-Driven Innovation Programs (MMIPs) within the theme Agriculture, Water and Food (KIA) cover the entire chain from fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research to implementation. As secretary of the Delta Platform, Expertise Center for Water & Climate, HZ, together with the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and the National Registry for Practice-Oriented Research (SIA), is taking the initiative to mobilize universities of applied sciences to carry out practice-oriented research in water-related missions (C , E, F) connected to the theme Agriculture, Water and Food.

There are four social themes for the mission-driven and renewed Top Sector Policy key technologies that guide the use of the top sectors. Energy transition and Sustainability are identified as two of these themes with the highest priority. Our society revolves around what the earth and the economy have to offer us. To have a liveable earth by 2050, we must make major efforts with regard to the climate. We also need to use the raw materials we have more inventively. Now we waste a lot of those raw materials without giving them a second life. In a circular economy, there is no waste and raw materials are used over and over again. This means that we will work, among other things, on making the electricity system and the built environment more sustainable, in which natural gas no longer plays a role, a climate-neutral and industrial industry, zero-emission mobility, a fully circular economy and climate-neutral agriculture. (source: Missions for the top sectors and innovation policy, central government)

Managing Director

Willem den Ouden