Southwest Delta Knowledge Community

The Southwest Delta Knowledge Community has the ambition to secure, make accessible, maintain and develop knowledge that is needed for the management, policy and use of the major waters - including the dependent terrestrial areas - in the Southwest Delta.

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In order to respond to climate changes in good time, a great deal of knowledge is required about the water systems. All kinds of parties conduct research and learn from practice. That is beautiful. But there is also the danger of fragmentation, inefficiency, lack of fundamental knowledge development and lack of overview. Certainly now that we increasingly see that knowledge questions are being tackled in “separate” projects and not in broad umbrella settings.

Parallel to this development, a society is emerging in which issues are increasingly approached in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner with the involvement of multiple stakeholders. This requires new working methods and adjustments to the knowledge infrastructure.

" In this changing society, in which the tasks are growing and the resources are more limited, how can we smartly secure all this knowledge and then combine it, so that all interested parties can benefit from it? "

The Knowledge Community Southwest Delta focuses on knowledge from (scientific) research, applied research, project research, consultancy assignments, education and field and practical experience.

In 2018, the Southwest Delta Knowledge Community will be a facilitated group of participating professionals who meet regularly and inform each other about knowledge questions and research that are running or will be ongoing in the Southwest Delta, so that opportunities for connection are identified. In 2018, for example, the foundation was laid for a close-knit community in which participants work together to address, invest and finance knowledge questions.

The Monitoring and Research Directorate for Water and Nature Southwest Delta of the managing authorities and knowledge institutes can then turn the opportunities for more effective and efficient research into action. The knowledge and important experiences recorded in reports are recorded in an accessible manner on the Delta expertise site.

We distinguish between the Southwest Delta as a whole and the systems such as Oosterschelde and Veerse Meer, Volkerak-Zoommeer, Grevelingen and Rijn-Maasmonding in sub-communities or separate living labs. It is the intention to (also) set up sub-communities per system.

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