Matchmaking HBO-WO (Call Living Labs in the Dutch Delta)

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On September 18, 2018, NWO, including the SIA Governing Body, organized an information meeting in collaboration with Delta Platform to inform potential applicants and potential consortium partners about the Living Labs in the Dutch Delta call.

The call is part of the NWO work program for the Top Sector Water & Maritime and was developed in collaboration with the National Knowledge and Innovation Program for Water and Climate (NKWK) and the National Agency for Practice-Based Research (SIA).

In the call, researchers can apply on behalf of a consortium for funding for research projects that focus on existing or planned large-scale nature-based interventions and improve the resilience of the Dutch main water system (rivers, large waters and the coast).

A condition for submitting a research proposal is that the research takes place within the context of an existing or planned living lab. These are physical locations where researchers (fundamental, applied and practically oriented), companies and government bodies work together on the interface of geosciences and ecology and the related social and economic aspects.

The meeting facilitates matchmaking between researchers from universities, colleges, national research institutes and public and private partners. Because collaboration with universities of applied sciences is a mandatory part of every application in this call, specific attention will be paid to examples in which fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research successfully complement each other.


The meeting has taken place successfully. The deadline for submitting final proposals was January 31, 2019.

(update May 2019) HBO and WO were brought into contact during matchmaking day. Peter van Veelen is the contact person. Announcement is in June. Communicate about that. Together with SIA (funding HBO piece) 10/12 projects have been submitted from that day and will be announced in June.

Knowledge liaison

Peter van Veelen