Water as the connecting element

Delta Platform - Centre of Expertise Water & Climate connects owners of complex delta issues with experts from colleges, universities, knowledge institutes, companies and governments. An integrated approach creates new insights and knowledge that flow directly back into delta education. Delta Platform is therefore a catalyst for international delta innovations and a living lab for researchers, lecturers and students

HBO Practice-oriented research as key

The Multi-Year Mission-Driven Innovation Programs (MMIPs) within the theme Agriculture, Water and Food cover the entire chain from fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research to implementation. The missions originated and are rooted in issues in society. The carriers of the missions are the natural partners of higher professional education. These include entrepreneurs, government institutions, municipal services, administrators, public authorities and the citizens themselves. Delta Platform takes the responsibility to give practical research a structural position within the water-related missions and facilitates cooperation to ultimately find solutions to the societal water-related challenges.

Practice-oriented research has an impact in three areas:

  • professional practice and society
  • education and professionalization
  • and knowledge development.

Lecturers with their research groups conduct practical research in higher professional education. Collaboration with each other and with knowledge institutes and universities is part of the process. Collaboration in the knowledge chain and utilizing crossovers are an important characteristic of practice-oriented research.

Deploying students in the research creates clout in the research itself and creates up-to-date skilled (delta) professionals who, after completing their studies, will work in society where the missions play a role. It is they who, as new professionals in the public and private sector, take on missions for tomorrow. This is the most structural form of pass-through of knowledge and valorisation.

Program Director

Louise van der Heijden

" “Today train Delta professionals who will be in demand tomorrow.” "

Why Delta Professionals?

Deltas are attractive areas to live in, but are subject to threats. Climate change causes sea levels to rise and the bottom to fall. This increases the risk of flooding. By approaching challenges in delta regions in an integrated way, from various angles, innovative and multidisciplinary solutions are created. This creates the right balance between safety, economy and ecology. Versatile delta professionals are required to tackle complex challenges!

Co-creation of Delta-Expertise

Delta Platform contributes to:

  • a well-filled order and knowledge portfolio for business and knowledge institutions;
  • network building of experts in delta technology;
  • stimulation of knowledge development and delta innovation;
  • sustainable solutions for safe and liveable deltas;
  • strengthening the international position of the Netherlands as a delta knowledge country.
Managing Director

Willem den Ouden

9 living labs

11 strategic partners

3 missions

17 experts

Meet the team of Delta Platform

Project assistant

Denise van Eekeren

Knowledge Liaison

Jouke Heringa

Knowledge liaison

Peter van Veelen

Communication Manager

Ivonne Heinen

Managing Director

Willem den Ouden

Project assistant

Marcia de Nooijer

Executive secretary

Sophie van de Voorde