Water as the connecting element

What is our mission and what do we dream of?

Who are we?

Delta Platform is looking for the connection in Water.

Delta Platform stimulates and facilitates practice-oriented research in the Netherlands. We focus on water quality, water availability and water safety. We collect water-related issues and form consortia. These consortia consist of various partners with the right expertise to take action and find answers to complex challenges.

Our Mission – What do we do?

Delta Platform facilitates connections.

The water-related issues are too complex for one expert, one knowledge institution, one company or the government alone.

Delta Platform therefore forms consortia that connect the knowledge of government, industry and education. Delta Platform stimulates cooperation in order to be able to tackle major issues, to assemble acquired knowledge and to allow it to flow back into higher professional education.

Our Vision – What do we stand for?

Delta Platform invests in the next generation.

About 80% of the world’s population lives in a delta and climate change means that we all face enormous challenges.

Delta Platform’s vision is that by forming multidisciplinary teams that conduct joint research, new insights and results are created. These innovations are relevant to all of us and contribute to educating the delta professionals of tomorrow.

We deliver:

A well-filled order and knowledge portfolio for the business community and knowledge institutions

We stimulate:

Network building of experts

We go for:

Knowledge development, delta innovations and sustainable solutions for safe and liveable deltas

We strengthen:

Strengthen the international position of the Netherlands as a delta knowledge country

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Meet team Delta Platform

Who does what? For which questions can you contact whom? We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you.

Project assistant

Denise van Eekeren

Knowledge Liaison

Jouke Heringa

Knowledge liaison

Peter van Veelen

Communication Manager

Ivonne Heinen

Managing Director

Willem den Ouden

Project assistant

Marcia de Nooijer

Executive secretary

Sophie van de Voorde